Chabot Logos

As a member of Chabot College’s graphic design studio, I had the opportunity to collaborate with my peers and work with a variety of clients. The logos presented here are for Chabot’s Communication Lab, Performing Arts Complex, and Anthropology Department. While only one of my designs was selected for official use, all three demonstrate my ability to meet the unique needs of each client.

Performing Arts Complex

The Chabot Performing Arts Complex (PAC) requested a new logo that would help reposition the venue as an independent destination for events. The client wanted a design that conveyed the message that the PAC is more than just a college theater, and can cater to a wide range of events. It was requested that we steer clear of traditional theater imagery such as the classic comedy and tragedy masks, and instead focus on showcasing the PAC as a versatile and multi-purpose venue.

Keywords: innovative, adaptable, professional

Logo ideas for PAC

Alternative ideas.

Final logos for PAC

Final designs selected by the client.

Communication Lab

The Communication Lab requested a logo that would convey a warm and welcoming tone while emphasizing the importance of human interaction. The designs communicate their friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Keywords: welcoming, safe space, modern

Logo concepts for Comm lab

Logo concepts.

Anthropology Department

The anthropology department wanted to develop a stronger presence on campus. They wanted a design that would be vibrant, inviting, and cheerful, perfectly capturing the department’s passion for exploring different cultures and traditions. The designs feature bold and eye-catching colors, and a fun and playful font that instantly communicates the department’s welcoming and inclusive nature.

Keywords: vibrant, inviting, cheerful

Logo concepts for anthropology department

Logo concepts.